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Bourbon, Whisky & Scotch

Just like our name suggests, we don't just love wine, but also other things that are distilled in barrels.  We grew to love bourbon when we lived in Kentucky where 99% of the world's bourbon is made.  99% is great, but what about the other 1%?  At Craft & Barrel, we want to bring the 1 percent to you by stocking small batch bourbons from regions outside of Kentucky.  Places that maybe you wouldn't think of.  Outside of bourbon, you will also enjoy our hand selected and curated collection of whisky and scotch from around the globe.  So whether you enjoy your distilled spirit on "the rocks" or "neat" you will find old favorites as well as new bottles you aren't familiar with.  Please stop in today or check out our upcoming tastings on our events calendar.  Cheers! 


featured Bourbon

Willet Pot Still Reserve
Breckenridge Bourbon
Johnny Drum
Noah's Mill
Charleston Vesey's Bourbon

Featured Whisky

Second Glance American Whisky
Templeton Rye Whisky
Fukano Whisky 12 Year

Featured Scotch

Monkey Shoulder
Amrut Single Malt Peat




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