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Welcome to Craft & Barrel. Are you someone who enjoys entertaining? Or maybe you just love to share a good bottle of wine, beer or whiskey with close friends? Or perhaps you simply like to try new things and taste unique flavors?

If any of these describe you or your sense of adventure, you are in the right place. We opened Craft & Barrel because we wanted to share our favorite wines, craft beers and whiskies from around the world with all of our friends, new and old. We wanted to create a boutique bottle shop where no one is judged on their knowledge of craft drinks, but rather create a fun and enjoyable place to learn about different regions across the world. Our goal is to curate an extensive selection of unique bottles so everyone can enjoy something new and different. All of our bottles have been tasted and hand selected by the owners to ensure our customers will have a great experience whether they are lounging around at home or headed to a dinner party with friends.


Other important reasons why we opened up Craft & Barrel:

  • We love wine, beer and whiskey; of the small batch variety of course.

  • We want to share bottles from regions that are not common.

  • Everyone has different tastes and styles so we want to offer something for all palates.

  • We want to help you discover the perfect bottle for every occasion.

  • We believe in the “Golden Rule”, treat others how you want to be treated.

  • We also believe that life is too short to drink average beverages, so why not join our wine, beer or whisky of the month clubs.

  • We love events. Wine tastings, beer tastings, whiskey name it.

  • We love watching our customers get enjoyment out of discovering a new bottle.

  • We love small producers who have an emphasis on sustainability and locally grown ingredients. Don’t get us wrong, we have some larger players we approve of too.

  • We want to hear your feedback and suggestions on things you have tried and loved.

  • We love dogs, so bring them by so we can meet them.


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