How to Keep that New Year's Resolution While Still Imbibing

We are now into 2019, and many of you will be saying “new year, new me,” which could mean sticking to a stricter diet, training for a marathon, or just being healthier overall. The question is, can you reach your goals while still consuming alcohol? Why yes, yes you can!

We’ve provided a couple of articles that give you the skinny on how to healthfully incorporate alcohol into this new diet of yours. Essentially it’s all about moderation — I know, something you’ve heard a thousand times. What’s more helpful to know along your journey to a healthier you, is understand how exactly our bodies react to drinking alcohol. Justin Thomas Miller lays it all out. He explains the different types of alcohol, what it does in the body, the benefits of drinking (you heard right!), and the best choices (whether you’re seeking a cocktail or wine).

For those strictly wine lovers, Wine Folly created a list of wines that are specifically “keto” friendly. This means wines that have little to no carbs and are relatively low in alcohol.

Aside from choosing low abv wines and drinking in moderation, there are plenty of healthy habits you can apply to your daily routine that lends to an overall healthier drinking lifestyle. Check out Carina Wolf’s article for Bustle to get the best tips on how to enjoy that alcoholic beverages while keeping it healthy.

The moral of the story is, you don't have to deprive yourself of exploring and tasting new wines and sprits to lead a balanced lifestyle. You shouldn't have to give up the pleasure of a nice meal with a great bottle of wine to reach your goals; in fact, trying to do that will make your new year’s resolution that much harder. Allowing yourself that simple hedonistic experience of a glass of wine or your favorite bourbon from time to time, will keep you sane and on the right track. - Justin Thomas Miller - Wine Folly - Bustle

Evie Olson