5 Reasons to Shop Small

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or a little something for yourself, you're always welcome to Shop Small® with us this holiday season. Grab a friend or family member and join the Shop Small Movement. Why you may ask? Well here are 5 great reasons you should shop small for the holidays — and throughout the whole year!

  1. Small shops offer more unique products you can’t find anywhere else.

    We take pride in offering wines that are all personally selected by us, with you in mind. With so much wine to choose from it can be an overwhelming decision. We’re here to take the stress out of buying that perfect bottle of wine. We’ve tasted thousands of wines and want to only bring the very best to our customers. As well as introduce them to new and exciting things, whether that be a wine from a new region, or a cool new craft beer, or a unique spirit. We don’t see wine, nor craft beer and spirits, as a commodity but something special that lends itself to both hedonism and intellectual enlightenment.

  2. Your tax dollars stay local.

    When you shop at small shops like our own, that money stays within the neighborhood. So your tax dollars go to local schools, libraries and public services. On top of that, we like to offer products, such as certain craft beers, that are made locally which creates a ripple effect in the local economy.

  3. You get a more personalized experience.

    You can count on getting a one of a kind experience, that you wouldn’t receive at a large chain, whenever you walk into our store. We eenjoy building relationships and connecting with the people in our community. With our resident wine and spirits expert, you can trust that you’re always in good hands whether you need a good paring for your next recipe, gift ideas, or planning an event. Plus everyone here at Craft and Barrel loves meeting new people and shooting the breeze; we’re all about having a great time and drinking great wine.

  4. Small businesses support the local community.

    Whether it’s giving to a local charity, hosting a private event for another local business, or participating in the local “cocktail crawl” we love supporting our community! We like to strengthen our ties with the people in the neighborhood and, as much as possible, serve as a community hub.

  5. Small businesses look out for you.

    We’ll always look out for our customers’ best interests. We believe in offering great products at fair prices; we’ll always be loyal to our customers. You can also count on great service everyday, as we offer expertise without pretentiousness.

Evie Olson