La Posta Pizzella Malbec - Flavor of the Week

Craft and Barrel believes that drinking good wine offers the drinker an opportunity to engage in a full sensory experience. For the Flavor of the Week (La Posta’s Pizzella Malbec) we suggest you embrace the full Argentinian Malbec experience. Turn on Mercedes Sosa’s 1968 folk hit Luna Tacumana and read Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar while waiting for Grant Achatz’s lamb with an herbed breadcrumb crust to finish cooking. If you can swing it, you might even consider doing these things while on vacation in Buenos Aires. 

Photo by Melinda McGinley

Photo by Melinda McGinley

You’ve heard the phrase “a face to launch a thousand ships”? Well, this Malbec was the “bottle to launch the perfect local wine shop.” Corey and Andrea (or the Dream Team as we lovingly refer to them here at Craft and Barrel) first had a sample of this Argentinian Malbec while patronizing a local eatery. The fruit-forward wine with the velvety texture drew them in and left them with a taste for more. The couple’s mission is to bring both their favorite and uncommon wines and spirits into their shop to create a singular experience in the Lakeview neighborhood. This particular wine ticked all their boxes, so they found a distributor and brought the wine into the store.

La Posta Pizzella Malbec’s Argentinian roots impact its flavor profile. The terroir of this wine is impacted by the sunny and dry climate. A climate such as this allows the grapes to spend more time on the vine and results in a rich and robust flavor with hints of dark fruit (think cherry, blackberry, and plums) and sweet floral notes. This particular Malbec also boasts flavor notes of dark chocolate and baker’s spice. It’s flavor profile makes it a perfect companion to most anything, but BBQ and bleu cheese are stars alongside this Malbec.

A wine like this is meant to be shared and enjoyed with family and friends. So, come on in and grab a bottle or two!