Deadwood (The Bourbon)

In 1837, somewhere in rural Illinois, a baby was born and his parents named him James Butler Hickok. That baby would later be known as the ruffian “Wild Bill” Hickok, whose last hand of poker would become the inspiration for the Flavor of the Week. 

Photo Courtesy Melinda McGinley

Photo Courtesy Melinda McGinley

Deadwood Bourbon Whiskey takes its name from the famous town where Wild Bill was killed holding two pairs, eights and aces. That hand would later be famously known as the “dead man’s hand,” but there’s no need to be alarmed. As far as Craft & Barrel can determine, no Old West style shootouts were held during the making of this bourbon. 

Deadwood is light amber with an aroma of sweet corn, grains, and light oak. Notes of fruit and honey hit your palate first and then the drink finishes peppery. At only 81 proof, this bourbon pairs particularly well with a cheese board appetizer, fish and shellfish main dishes, or dessert. 

The Craft & Barrel team believes this bourbon is aces and that you should pick a bottle for your next poker night.