Ol’ Major Bacon Flavored Bourbon Tennessee

Everyone loves the old standards in the salty and sweet mashup category —

Fries and chocolate milkshakes.

Pineapple on pizza.

Peanuts and pop.

Salted caramel.

But there’s a new kid in town: Ol’ Major Bacon Flavored Bourbon.

The not-so-standard sweet and savory combo of bacon and bourbon from Ol’ Major Distillery continues our month-long celebration of National Bourbon Month, and is our new Flavor of the Week.

Photo Courtesy of Melinda McGinley

Photo Courtesy of Melinda McGinley

Ol’ Major believes that fortune favors the bold — and that includes anyone willing to add bacon to liquor. In fact, they were the first distillers to combine the essence of two of America’s greatest loves in one bottle. As the name suggests, this Terressentia-bred bourbon is infused with bacon made from Oklahoma pork and bottled in Tennessee. The infusion of real bacon provides an authentic smoky, meaty, and salty aspect, rather than an artificial one. What might surprise you, however, is how the bourbon’s innate maple syrup tones merge harmoniously with the bacon aroma as the spirit travels over your tastebuds.

You can indulge by sipping on this bourbon, but Ol’ Major has some recipe suggestions for how to make this the focus of bourbon-based cocktails. Find them here.

After a few swigs, Craft and Barrel recommends that Ol’ Major find a bigger bandwagon because we’re all hopping on it. Take our advice and drop by for your bottle.