Resilient Bourbon Barrels #7 and #110

You’re standing in the kitchen of your farmhouse, nestled among the Kentucky bluegrass.

You’re getting ready to sink your teeth into a perfectly cooked steak.

You’re sipping bourbon Fast Eddie’s way — no ice, no glass.

You’re totally carefree.

And then you snap out of it.

We believe a good bourbon should transport you—to that kitchen, to a favorite memory, to a feeling. Wherever your mind goes when it wants to disconnect. That’s why we’ve chosen Resilient Bourbon for this week’s Flavor of the Week.

Photo Courtesy of Melinda McGinley

Photo Courtesy of Melinda McGinley

This week, we’ve chosen not one, but two bourbons to highlight. It struck us as appropriate to do so because September happens to be National Bourbon Month (who decides these celebratory months anyway?). We certainly don’t need someoneto tell us when or how to celebrate delicious, delicious bourbon - we are regularly celebratory here at Craft and Barrel - but once a year, it’s nice to know the rest of the nation is celebrating with us.

The particular bourbons we’ve tapped this week are distilled in Indiana and Tennessee, bottled in Kentucky, and come from oak barrels #7 and #110. Resilient Bourbon is responsible for these exceptional All-American bottles. The distiller’s intense enjoyment for creating excellent spirits can be tasted in every drop. The flavors experienced in both bottles remind us of taking trips to apple orchards and making spiked cider. You can practically smell the smoky aroma of a bonfire and feel the crisp, autumn night air. While both batches bring about fall memories, each has a distinct flavor profile—and we don’t like to pick favorites.

Resilient describes the ways in which barrels #7 and #110 make themselves standout from the crowd:

#7: “Cherry and vanilla syrup on the nose with a touch of baked orchard fruits. Mouthfeel is pleasant and round. On the taste, baked orchard fruits lead the way with vanilla, clove, and pepper in the background. The finish is warming with pepper and clove leading, and vanilla soaked orchard fruits fading last. A sublimely drinkable delight.”

#110: “On the nose of this 14-year-old Bourbon, vanilla frosted baked apples, corn pudding, slight whiff of leather, caramel and toffee wafers, cacao, and all spice. Round and lush on the mouthfeel. The taste brings forth milk chocolate soaked baked red apple, vanilla wafer, peach cobbler, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and clove. The finish is long with cinnamon and oak spice slowly losing out to bittersweet dark chocolate syrup. A wonderfully complex Bourbon.”

Who wants a “sublimely drinkable delight” and “wonderfully complex bourbon” of their own? You. You do. We’ve got you covered. Come see us soon.